Holiday 1951

Many of you are familiar with something called “Yuletide”. It is a concoction that is made yearly, and each iteration is different from the previous years’. This time around, we sought to make something more rooted in our decades old tradition in blending. Bob Peretti made blending a staple at this company, so this time around, our holiday mixture is recreated in observance of his contribution to this company.

Mr. Robert Peretti, now aged 96, shown blending at the very same bench we use today.

Upon returning from commanding a sub-chaser in WWII, Robert Peretti settled neatly into running the family tobacco business. Bob, responsible for (NUMBER) of the existing Peretti blends, became world famous for his talent at the blending bench. Mr. Peretti retired from the family business 15 years ago, but is still puffing away on his cherished briars at the age of 96.

Holiday 1951 on the bench.

This Christmas, we have decided to revive the first Yuletide tobacco that Bob blended in 1951. This limited-run blend consists of Burley, Virgina, Turkish, and a special and slightly sweet aromatic that gives both body and mildness to the finished mixture.

Join us this holiday season to commemorate and celebrate the work of tobacco-legend Bob Peretti, and light up a bowl of this holiday tobacco.